2012 Results



1st      York House Tigers
2nd    Britannia Bruins
3rd    Kitsilano Blue Demons
4th    Sir Winston Churchill Bulldogs
5th    Crofton House Cougars
6th    St. Patrick’s Celtics
7th    Notre Dame Jugglers
8th    Killarney Cougars


1st      York House Tigers
2nd    Notre Dame Jugglers



Junior Tournament Results


First Round, Game A
Kitsilano  55        Crofton House  38
Kitsilano got off to a great start scoring in spurts and led Crofton 27-15 at half-time.  Never a team to give up, Crofton House rallied back with a 10-point run of their own at the end of the third quarter top come within 9 points.  In the end, the Blue Demons proved to be too much as Chiara Bostock chipped in 28 of her 34 points from inside the paint.  Alisha Burtchett also led the blue and gold team with 13 points from her slashes to the hoop.            
– Mitra Tshan (Game Director)

Chiara Bostock (Kitsilano): 34 points
Jessica Wang (Crofton House): 8 points 

First Round, Game B
Notre Dame  55        Eric Hamber  30
The Jugglers had a tough first quarter fighting off a Griffins team that was always within 10 points.  In the end, Notre Dame’s deep bench and strong outside shooting allowed the Jugglers to take a 20 point lead after the first half.  Eric Hamber continued to play with intensity all game but with nine Jugglers recording points on the scoresheet, Notre Dame once again showed why they are the #1 ranked team in the Independent league.            
– Mitra Tshan (Game Director)

Lauren Bondi (Notre Dame): 10 points
Janet Yee (Eric Hamber): 9 points 

First Round, Game C
York House  51        Churchill  6
The Tigers jumped all over the Bulldog in the opening minutes leading 21 – 0 at the end of the 1st quarter.  After settling into a half court defense, York House continued to build their lead while subbing freely.  Both team continued to work hard throughout the second half, but SWC was no match for YHS in the opening round of the Telus Van City Challenge.            
– Brent Jackson (Game Director)

Maddy Baker (York House): 13 points

First Round, Game D
Killarney  36        St. Patrick’s  22
The Cougars from Killarney struck first with an early 8 – 2 lead midway through the 1st quarter.  The Celtics of St. Patrick’s battled right back as the teams exchanged buckets until halftime, with KSS leading 15 – 10.  During the 3rd quarter Killarney used their size advantage in the paint to build a 31 – 18 lead.  With both teams showing fatigue play became sloppy and most points were scored from the free throw line.  Killarney wins and advances to the Final Four of the Telus Challenge.
– Brent Jackson (Game Director)

Tianne Herbert (Killarney): 11 points
Shupris Martin (St. Patrick’s): 11 points

Second Round, Game E
Notre Dame  60        Kitsilano  44        

Second Round, Game F
York House  37        Killarney 7

Second Round, Game G
Crofton House  43        Eric Hamber  25

Second Round, Game H
Churchill  43        St. Patrick’s 36
Lillian Wennersbusch for Churchill took 4 early and quick fouls and sat half the game while St. Pat’s built up an 18-13 halftime lead and held on 30-29 after 3 quarters. Churchill came back in the 4th quarter with an improved press break and some timely fast break baskets. 
– Russel Black (Game Director)

Lillian Wennersbusch (Churchchill): 12 points
Kim Oakley (Churchill): 10 points
Jenlyn Urmazo (St. Patrick’s): 9 points

Championship Round, Game I
York House 44        Notre Dame 41      
York House started the game on fire with a strong full court press and a collapsing half court man.  It looked like the Tigers were going to run away with the game but missed layups and a lack of defensive boarding put Notre Dame back in the game.  Strong offense and defense by Lauren Bondi brought the Jugglers back into the mix.  In the end, York House edged out Notre Dame 44-41.
– Lori Clarke (Game Director)

Maddy Baker (York House): 20 points
Lauren Bondi (Notre Dame): 20 points

Maddy Baker (York House)
Lauren Bondi (Notre Dame)


Senior Tournament Results

First Round, Game 1

Sir Winston Churchill 56     St. Patrick’s 55
Marinel Santiago hit two foul shots with 23 seconds left in the game to give her Sir Winston Churchill Bulldogs a 56-55 win over the St. Patrick’s Celtics in the first round of the TELUS Vancouver Girls’ Basketball Challenge.  A last ditch three-point attempt by Francis Kaye-Penafiel of St. Pat’s glanced off the rim as the final buzzer sounded.  St. Patrick’s held the lead after the first, second and third quarters.  But Churchill used a 14-4 run to start the final period to take the lead 54-52.  The Celtics re-took the lead by scoring three straight points, setting up Santiago’s game-winning foul shots.
– Wilson Wong (Game Director)

Bronte Stark (Churchill): 17 points, 8 rebounds, 3 steals
Francis Kaye-Penafiel (St. Patrick’s): 15 points 

Bronte Stark (Churchill)
Francis Kaye-Penafiel (St. Patrick’s)

First Round, Game 2
Britannia 90     Notre Dame 30
The Britannia Bruins defeated the Notre Dame Jugglers 90-30 in the second game of the TELUS Vancouver Girls’ Basketball Challenge at Churchill Secondary.  The Bruins were able to impose their up-tempo style on the Jugglers, who were shorthanded with just seven players dressed, to build a 52-9 lead at halftime. 
– Wilson Wong (Game Director)

Helen Wilson (Britannia): 18 points
Lauren Bondi (Notre Dame): 11 points 

Angie Banh (Britannia)
Vanessa Valdez (Notre Dame)

First Round, Game 3
York House 86      Killarney 23
The York House Tigers defeated Killarney 86-23 behind strong team defense and very disciplined offense.  Leading scorers for York House were Mira Donaldson with 21 pts, Pretty Nijjar with 16 and Laura Baker with 15.  Leading the way for Killarney was Clare Bahena with 12 pts and Nadia Magano with 9.
– Harry Franklin (Game Director)

Mira Donaldson (York House): 21 points
Clare Bahena (Killarney): 12 points

Mira Donaldson (York House)
Clare Bahena (Killarney)

First Round, Game 4
Kitsilano 74      Crofton House 48
The Kitsiliano Blue Demons defeated the Crofton House Cougars 74-48 in the 2nd game of the day at York House.  Crofton led early on 23-22 by simply outworking the Blue Demons but after some defensive adjustments, Kits took control of the game and never looked back.  Andrea Strujic led the way for Kits with 24 pts and Hailey Strutt added 13pts.  Jasmine Chan and Joanna Tung Scored 12 pts each for the Cougars.
– Harry Franklin (Game Director)

Andrea Strujic (Kitsilano): 25 points
Jasmine Chan (Crofton House): 12 points

Andrea Strujic (Kitsilano)
Jasmine Chan (Crofton House)

Semi-Final Round, Game 5
Britannia 86     Churchill 34

Britannia pushed the tempo and got ahead early.  Their 3/4 court pressure defense proved to be too much for the Churchill Bulldogs, as the lead was pulled to 30 by the end of the first half.  Player of the game for Britannia Jojo Crossley had countless 3 point plays with her putbacks, adding 20 to the Bruins’ final score.  Player of the game for Churchill Roxanne Urbano and Bronte Stark each added 7 for the Bulldogs.
– Virginia Watson (Game Director)

Jojo Crossley (Britannia): 20 points 
Bronte Stark, Roxanne Urbano (Churchill): 7 points

Jojo Crossley (Britannia)
Roxanne Urbano (Churchill)

Semi-Final Round, Game 6
York House 75     Kitsilano 53
The tone of the first half was entirely set by York House.  Their high intensity defense allowed only 3 points in the first quarter for the opposition, and led at the end of the first half 42-13.  Kitsilano saw some early foul trouble for Toni Li which put her out for most of the first half.  Alisha Roberts had a solid all around game, adding 6 assists to her 10 point total, while Mira Donaldson added 12 and player of the Game Natalie Wallace added 15 for the Tigers.  Player of the Game for Kitsilano, Rebecca Scott, showed some terrific aggression and added 9 for the Blue Demons. 
– Virginia Watson (Game Director)


Natalie Wallace (York House): 15 points
Andrea Strujic (Kitsilano): 18 points

Natalie Wallace (York House)
Rebecca Scott (Kitsilano)

Consolation Round, Game 7
St. Patrick’s  56       Notre Dame 39

Both the Celtics and the Jugglers were neck-and-neck in the first half, battling a close game.  At the end of the half, it was 22-14 for St. Pat’s. In the 2nd half, St. Patrick’s pulled ahead of the short-benched Notre Dame and finished the game with a score of 56-39 for the Celtics. Leading the way for St. Patrick’s was Tomeia Kirk-Gorsuch with 10 points and Notre Dame got 10 points a piece from Mayumi Rous and Meghan Zafarella.
– Stephanie Shea (Game Director)

Tomeia Kirk-Gorsuch (St. Patrick’s): 10 points
Mayumi Rous, Meghan Zafarella (Notre Dame): 10 points

Tomeia Kirk-Gorsuch (St. Patrick’s)
Samantha Brassington (Notre Dame)

Consolation Round, Game 8
Crofton House  75        Killarney  54
It was a hard-fought game by both the Cougar teams. There were full-court presses and traps from both ends. At the half, it was 24-36 for Crofton House, with a buzzer beater from Killarney to narrow the scoring gap. Crofton House increased the lead in the second half, with a final score of 54-75. Joanna Tung led Crofton with 19 points, and Clare Bahena from Killarney was the high scorer, with 32 points.
-Stephanie Shea (Game Director)

Clare Bahena (Killarney): 32 points
Joanna Tung (Crofton): 19 points
Olivia Folick (Crofton): 18 points

Olivia Folick (Crofton House)
Nadia Magano (Killarney)

7th/8th Place, Game 9
Notre Dame  54       Killarney  52
This consolation game was a see-saw battle from the first whistle to the last.  Despite having only 7 players, including 2 who fouled out before the last two minute mark, Notre Dame found a way to win behind starters Vanessa Valdez (20 points) and Meghan Zafarella (18 points).  Killarney’s Clare Bahena was the difference maker that kept the Cougars in the game as she chipped in 23 points before fouling out with 34 seconds to go in the game.  Nadia Magano also had 12 points for the Cougars.
– Mitra Tshan (Game Director)

Vanessa Valdez (Notre Dame): 20 points
Clare Bahena (Killarney): 23 points

Meghan Zafarella (Notre Dame)
Layssa Leite (Killarney)

5th/6th Place, Game 10
Crofton House  80         St. Patrick’s  54
St. Patrick’s got off to a great start trading baskets with Crofton House before the Cougars went on a 10-0 run midway through the first quarter.  By half-time, Crofton had built a 22 point lead and never looked back.  Led by previous Player of Game stars, Joanna Tung (26 points ) and Olivia Folick (13 points), senior Melissa Wells was formidable in the paint with her rebounding prowless.  Wells finished the game with 26 points and was awarded Player of the Game in today’s contest.  Francis Penafiel led the Celtics with 19 points and had a fantastic shooting game.
– Mitra Tshan (Game Director)

Joanna Tung (Crofton House): 26 points
Melissa Wells (Crofton House): 25 points
Francis Penafiel (St. Patrick’s): 19 points

Melissa Wells (Crofton House)
Tanisha Brown (St. Patrick’s)

3rd/4th Place, Game 11
Kitsilano  63      Churchill  41

Kitsilano showed a solid defensive effort in the opening Saturday game at Langara for the VGBA tournament, holding the Bulldogs to just 41 points.  Andrea Strujic and Sarah McBain each had huge offensive games for the Blue Demons, scoring 22 and 18 (6 three pointers for McBain) respectively.  The Churchill Bulldogs saw points from all over, player of the game Shikha Kumar was the standout and leading scoring with 10, while Caroline Payne added 9 to the Bulldogs’ total.  
– Virginia Watson (Game Director)

Sarah McBain (Kitsilano): 18 points
Shikha Virk (Churchill): 10 points
Caroline Payne (Churchill): 9 pts

Sarah McBain (Kitsilano)
Shikha Kumar (Churchill)

1st/2nd Place, Game 11
York House  62        Britannia  46        
It was an excellent finish for the TELUS Vancouver Girls’ Basketball Challenge.  Both teams played a fast paced hard fought game.  Although both teams got off to a strong start, York House’s full court zone presssed created some problems for Britannia – forcing turnovers and rushed shots.  The Bruins tried a comeback in the third with a press of their own but was unable to even the score. 
– Lori Clarke (Game Director)

(Britannia):  points
(York House):  points

Karen Li (Britannia)
Alisha Roberts (York House)