2024 Awards

15th Annual Arc de Triumph 3 Pt Shooting Contest

1st – Sasha Neuhaus (8 treys – 3 OT)
2nd – Taegan Lee (8 treys – 2 OT)

Junior Girls Round Robin Results

3-0 Crofton House Falcons
3-0 St. Patrick’s Celtics
2-1 Kitsilano Blue Demons
1-2 John Oliver Jokers
1-2 Point Grey Greyhounds
0-3 York House Tigers

Most Valuable Player
#7 Kiara Bay (St. Patrick’s)

All-Tournament Team
#3 Lannah Domingo (John Oliver)
#6 Cristal Cha (York House)
#6 Lara Bisset (Kitsilano)
#8 Adrianna Lando (Point Grey)
#24 Angelina Pang (Crofton House)

Senior Girls Final Standings

1. Churchill Bulldogs
2. Notre Dame Jugglers
3. Britannia Bruins
4. St. Patrick’s Celtics
5. York House Tigers
6. John Oliver Jokers
7. Charles Tupper Tigers
8. Kitsilano Blue Demons

Most Valuable Player
#10 Louise Dykstra (Churchill)

Best Defensive Player
#5 Sasha Neuhaus (Churchill)

All-Tournament Team
#2 Bianca Padolina (Britannia)
#3 Kaitlyn Chan (Notre Dame)
#6 Emily Chan (Notre Dame)
#8 Rachel Forrester (John Oliver)
#8 Breaunna Groslin (Charles Tupper)
#8 Ira Santos (St. Patrick’s)
#10 Chenesayi Kagande (Britannia)
#12 Anika Farrales-Parlan (Churchill)
#12 Shayla Sangha (York House)
#15 Crystal Charchuk (Churchill)

Scholarship Winners

To date, 184 scholarships have been awarded since the inception of the VGBA Langara Basketball Challenge, totally over $109,000.

Since the tournament’s inception in 2008, the Vancouver Girls Basketball Association has been committed to recognizing individual student athletes playing in the VGBA Langara Challenge who are true citizens of our community. A number of scholarship are being awarded every year from private donations to graduating student-athletes who are active leaders in school and community programs, and who have shown proof of academic and athletic accomplishments, and post-secondary aspirations.

We are excited to partner with the Vancouver Police Department and the Vancouver Police Foundation this year to provide even more opportunities for our Vancouver student athletes.  VGBA Langara scholarships may be used at any recognized post-secondary institution. And through a collaboration between VGBA and Langara College, there will be additional scholarship opportunities for participants in the tournament who choose to attend Langara.

Here are the scholarship winners this year:

Vancouver Police Department Major Scholarships
Christy Wu

Vancouver Police Department Scholarships
Kaitlyn Chan
Rachel Dunkerley
Rachael Forrester
Chloe Huang
Chloe Ngo
Cheyenna Wilson

VGBA Langara Challenge Scholarships 
Bridgette Hansen
Erica Huynh

Langara College Scholarship
Rachael Forrester

VGBA Falcon Basketball Scholarship
Maecon Gilfonea