2020 Awards

13th Annual Arc de Triumph 3 Pt Shooting Contest

1st – Shemaiah Abatayo (11 treys)
2nd – Amber Hemrich (10 treys)
3rd – Maddie Murray (9 treys)

Junior Girls Final Standings

1. Churchill Bulldogs
2. St. Patrick’s Celtics
3. Crofton House Falcons
4. Eric Hamber Griffins
5. Killarney Cougars
6. York House Tigers
7. Britannia Bruins
8. John Oliver Jokers

Most Valuable Player
#7 Marah Dykstra (Churchill)

All-Tournament Team
#3 Kirsten Alojado (St. Patrick’s)
#3 Claire Huang (Churchill)
#5 Amaya Hrbinic (Eric Hamber)
#11 Mariella Palmer (Crofton House)
#13 Victoria Lacsamana (St. Patrick’s)

Senior Girls Final Standings

1. Britannia Bruins
2. York House Tigers
3. Notre Dame Jugglers
4. St. Patrick’s Celtics
5. Lord Byng Grey Ghosts
6. John Oliver Jokers
7. Churchill Bulldogs
8. Point Grey Greyhounds

Most Valuable Player
#7 Surprise Munie (Britannia)

Best Defensive Player
#9 Nadine Wu (York House)

All-Tournament Team
#1 Kaila Fong (John Oliver)
#2 Rochelle Canlas (St. Patrick’s)
#4 Maggie Mackay (Lord Byng)
#5 Shemaiah Abatayo (Britannia)
#5 Bernadet Leda (Notre Dame)
#9 Jewel Leeson (Britannia)
#12 Finley Butler (York House)
#12 Isabella Chirico (Notre Dame)
#23 Maezell Del Mundo (Notre Dame)
#24 Avery Ratcliffe (York House)

Scholarship Winners

To date, 138 scholarships have been awarded since the inception of the VGBA Langara Basketball Challenge.

Since the tournament’s inception in 2008, the Vancouver Girls Basketball Association has been committed to recognizing individual student athletes playing in the VGBA Langara Challenge who are true citizens of our community. A number of scholarship are being awarded every year from private donations to graduating student-athletes who are active leaders in school and community programs, and who have shown proof of academic and athletic accomplishments, and post-secondary aspirations.

We are excited to partner with the Vancouver Police Department and the Vancouver Police Foundation this year to provide even more opportunities for our Vancouver student athletes.  VGBA Langara scholarships may be used at any recognized post-secondary institution. And through a collaboration between VGBA and Langara College, there will be additional scholarship opportunities for participants in the tournament who choose to attend Langara.

Here are the scholarship winners this year:

VGBA Langara Challenge Scholarships  
Amrit Chohan
Maggie Mackay
Laiana Padolina
Tiana Sacco
Ava Xu

Vancouver Police Department Scholarships
Shemaiah Abatayo
Romlyne Gascon
Annie Le
Shania Lopez
Anna Luong
Hannah Whitty

Vancouver Police Department Major Scholarships
Surprise Munie

Langara College Scholarship
Laiana Padolina

VGBA Falcon Basketball Scholarship
Elizabeth Jefferson